My name is Chuck, and I am fifteen years old.

I created the RealBeta tumblr as a sort of social experiment, as I was intrigued by the startbeta scare a couple nights ago. I can only imagine the disappointment (and likely fury) that many of you are feeling right now, and I’d like to apologize if I caused any harm, as this was never my intention. I wound up being a little in over my head; I was completely unaware that this blog would really attract any sort of attention. That being said, however, I would like to ask you one last favor: please hear me out.

I did not create RealBeta to test the gullibility of the fandom, or to see how many people’s hopes and dreams I could crush, but to discover the creativity and hope that many of you have to offer this world.

Tonight you have experienced something much like the startbeta scare, yet my intention is a little bit different. There is no file; not a blank one, not a game, but what you do not know is that you have been provided an adventure that has just begun - one that is barely starting to unfold.

Tonight I have witnessed the hopeful creativity of the fandom as they have bonded together to create teams and sessions, people coming up with strife specibi, making friends, and having a good time. My intention is not to rob you of such hopes, but to encourage them. I have witnessed the beauty of thousands of young minds, still undestroyed by the burdens and harsh reality that will one day face us all. You all have gathered together to paint a picture of something beautiful, and to imagine, and this untainted creativity and innocence that rests in you all is something that I hope you will preserve for the remainder of your natural lives.

Instead of instilling a feeling of disappointment, I would like to leave you with a feeling of hope. Just because I have not created an SBURB file does not mean that such a thing will not ever exist, because I believe in you as a fandom - or as individuals - to do whatever you please with the creativity you have been blessed with.

And do not feel as if this was your one chance to break free of a harsh reality, because it most definitely was not. There are millions of other worlds to be discovered in literature, in imagination, in video games - and if escapism is not your cup of tea, then think about this - we have barely begun to crack the ancient code that is our universe. For all we know, we are one in trillions of parallel universes, or perhaps there is a planet somewhere inhabited by intelligent life forms who have learned to harness the power of magic. The possibilities for a beautiful reality - and one you wish to live in - are endless, and do not forget it.

Our reality that we have created today - this one of humans leading day-in, day-out lives where they grow up, pick an occupation, spend forty years in it, retire, and die, is nothing but a social construct of some of the less hopeful members of the human race. Please, remember, that you are not limited to the reality that others have provided for you.

So, Homestuck fandom, if tonight underneath all your doubt and worry about RealBeta there was a small hope at the inner core of your being,

hold onto that hope and enjoy the adventure.